Easter Crafting

One bit of crafting I did over Easter you saw in the previous video.  The Easter Baskets!  Imagine my surprise this year when I discovered that finding an Easter Basket for the boys in Ireland would be a challenge!  Turns out Easter Baskets aren’t a thing here.  What is done is that candy companies produce gift sets which mostly contain a large hollow chocolate egg with a few pieces of whatever candy the box is themed after.  (i.e. a Cadbury Creme Egg box)

I did some searching on Pinterest for a basket I could make for the boys.  I found this great tutorial!

I used some fat quarters I had in the stash with the themes of what they’re into right now–cars/trucks/emergency vehicles and planes/helicopters!


They’re big enough to fit a magazine in!  The boys had a blast collecting eggs in them, too.


If I would do anything different, I would use two pieces of fabric to construct the body of the basket.  As the fabric I used was directional, using one piece creates a basket with upside down print on one side.

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One Response to Easter Crafting

  1. helen says:

    great idea for boys and better than the drawstring bags I used to make mine


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