Recent Finish!

Sorry about the blog silence!  We’ve been sick here, two colds in three weeks!  Ugh!


Anyhoo, I have some recent finishes to show you!

First off is a baby quilt I’ve made for a baby to be born in June.  I had this Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric in stash I purchased from Patchwork Plus during their January sale.  I also had a Sidekick Ruler that I wanted to use to make some equilateral triangles.

After cutting out what felt like hundreds of triangles and matching a ton of points I hadIMG_4818 a lovely quilt top.  I was even crazy enough to make a pieced back for it as well!  I took it over to a friends house to use a longarm to quilt it!

This was my first time using a longarm, and my friend couldn’t help but exclaim that I was a natural.  It’s easy to act like a natural when you watch enough YouTube videos  I free-handed a loopy meander all over the quilt.  It surprisingly took a little over an hour to quilt the whole thing.  I’m used to things taking a bit longer on a domestic sewing machine!

Quilty shots:

IMG_4822            IMG_4821

I made the mistake of taking the quilt downstairs in front of my boys.  They are in a huge Caterpillar phase right now, and Malcolm insisted on playing on it.  I’ll rewash it before I gift it!

IMG_4848 IMG_4847

Thankfully I had enough fabric in stash to machine bind the quilt.  I was left over from my Crosspatch bag!

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