Fast Friday

I had a pretty awful day yesterday being super hard on myself after failing my driving test.  I just have to keep telling myself that everyone makes mistakes and I’ve already applied to retake the test.

A note of interest–there is such a backlog of people who need to test is that there is an 11 WEEK wait currently.  I applied for a place in line to get a test date.  There’s no option to select your date available!  Another one of the interesting parts about living here.

After I took some time to podcast a new episode of The Anatomy of Knitting, I went to my sewing space and worked on my Aviatrix Medallion.

I’m 99% happy with my points.  I was trying to get everything PERFECT as I’d love to be able to show this quilt in some shows this year.

Here’s my progress!


I’d say all but one of those larger diamonds had to have a point re-sewed at least once.  I’ve already sewn one of the background triangles on the diamonds.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get the lone star complete today during naptime!

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11 Responses to Fast Friday

  1. Helen says:

    Your points are all very pointy Erin . Well done . Don’t worry too much about the test disappointment . In the north nearly everybody fails first time . The gears take a bit of getting used to when you’re used to an automatic , and the bigger roundabouts .


  2. Tish says:

    Hang in there, you will pass your test. You are making great progress on a quilt that involves diamonds…you can do anything. I think your points look very good. Come on nap time…I want to see more. Quilting therapy is always the answer when we are feeling blue.


  3. Your points are wonderful!

    I’m surprised I passed my driving test. I turned in the opposite direction from that instructed at one point. How is that not an automatic failure? Where do you live that the wait time for a test is so long? It’s absolutely ridiculous. Maybe we can write your state rep on your behalf.


    • eksrn2002 says:

      I’m living in Ireland at the moment! It’s just the way it is here. I don’t understand why! There’s only 4 million people in the entire country!


      • If I think of anyone else who lives in Ireland, I’ll have them complain. Do you have good public transport at least? It’s a pain to get a license here, and generally involves two full days of waiting in line at the DMV, which I think is unacceptable because everyone has better things to do. We use the DMV opposite my favorite quilt store. Also, there’s no public transit in the suburbs. A bus that may come once an hour and takes three hours to make the twenty minute drive in to town. It’s not an acceptable situation.


      • And I don’t know how much the population size counts. Getting a license in NSW in 2012 was quick. At that time, the population was little more than four million. There’s only two million people here, and I think that should actually make the process more effective.


      • Actually, efficient was the word I was after.


  4. churcae says:

    Sorry to hear about the driving test! 😦


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