Aviatrix Progress and Christmas (already?!)

I’ve had a great time sewing the past week.

The Aviatrix Medallion is progressing fast!  I’ve managed to finish the medallion and two borders!  The color is so inspiring to me!  Since this picture, I’ve added a 1 inch gray border as well.

I used a new ruler to help with the Half Square Triangle border.  I purchased a Bloc-Loc HST Ruler in order to construct this border and some of my future projects.


I’ve also started feeling pressure thinking about all of the Christmas crafting I need to do.  I also am making Halloween costumes, so that also adds a lot of sewing work.  Here’s my list of presents to make:

  • A quilt for my husband
  • A quilt for Nate
  • A quilt for Mac
  • Christmas stocking for my brother (Dr. Who themed)
  • Pillowcase for my brother (Dr. Who themed)
  • Grammie’s Christmas present (she may see this blog, so I’m keeping it secret!)
  • Knit a dog for Pa

So I decided to make one of my presents using some Dr. Who fabric.  I got the Tardis fabric from Fabric Depot, the plaid fabric and trim Sonic Screwdriver from Spoonflower.  My brother is a big fan of the 4th Doctor.  I used this tutorial to assemble the Tri Color Cuff style.  In order to get the Tardis to face in the correct direction, I needed to use more fabric than called for in the pattern.  I’d recommend using 1.5 yards to make sure you’ve got enough of a directional fabric.  I also did French seams for the first time making this project as well.


It’s a bit ugly but a whole lot of awesome!  I hope my brother enjoys it!  My mom is going to bring me some more of the Tardis fabric so I can make a second one!

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3 Responses to Aviatrix Progress and Christmas (already?!)

  1. Helen Coulter says:

    Busy time coming up Erin ! Keep sewing Helen

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. The colors are beautiful. I’m a big fan of solids. I tire easy of HSTs though. Good luck to you.


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