Summer Challenge Update!

In June, the Southern Branch of the Irish Patchwork Society announced their Summer Challenge:  Nametags!  I won the challenge last year with my Tumbling Stars Quilt, so I knew I had to makes something fun this year as well.

With our block of the month project, I had a ton of fun piecing the X Plus blocks, so I decided to shrink them down to the size I wanted for the nametag.  Using Electric Quilt 7, I drafted the block, then shrunk it down to a finished size of 1.5 inches.  Because I didn’t to piece fabric pieces that small, I decided to have EQ7 make a paper piecing pattern for me and created this:


So tiny!  After my proof of concept worked, I went forward piecing three other X Plus blocks.  Working with pieces that tiny was difficult, and when I put in sashing, I had a hard time keeping my seams straight.  Here’s my almost finished nametag:


I used my Brother 950D Embroidery/sewing machine to embroider my name.

It still needs binding.  My original plan was to make a lanyard as well, but now I’m not as sure about that plan.  I need to research the best ways to wear it.  It is a little bigger than intended, but overall I’m happy with it!  Except my name isn’t centered.  Oh well, I made the IPS branch off center as well.  Hopefully it balances out in the end!

I just had the awesome idea to make a pocket for the back for tickets or business cards!  Back to work!

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2 Responses to Summer Challenge Update!

  1. This is so adorable!! Love how you used EQ7 to your advantage to make it paper piecing, if nothing else than to keep your sanity!


  2. It is beyond my comprehension how you made a 1.5 inch block with all those seams. You should show us the back of the pieces. I want to see how to create that magic.


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