A Good Day for a Picnic!

On Sunday, we were determined to get out of the house, despite the clouds looking threatening.  While I was doing the weekly trip to the grocery store, my husband suggested I get provisions for a picnic!

We tried to go to Farran Forest park, but upon arrival found that there was a rowing event going on.  So we went to the back up plan:  Kilcrea Friary!  We’ve explored the friary before and commented on how it’s a great spot for a picnic!

I tried to take a panorama of the view!  Moving boys are hard to take a photo of in a panorama.


Bonus wheat growing in the farm next to the Friary!  We brought along the Belle Wave Quilt to picnic on.


I don’t want to blog without talking about what I’m working on sewing-wise now!  I’m currently marking all the cut pieces for this dress:


McCalls M6696, View B.  Fabric is a print from Cotton and Steel‘s Moonlit collection by Rashida Coleman-Hale. 

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One Response to A Good Day for a Picnic!

  1. Helen says:

    Good luck with the dressmaking . It works in my head but not in practise


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