Fast Friday

Apologies for the blog silence!  We’ve had two separate groups of house guests visiting and you can imagine how it is to get ready for them!    So I’ve got a Fast Friday post for you.  Regular blogging should go back to normal next week once I’ve got my sewing studio back up and running.

We took our first set of house guests back to Old Head in Kinsale on one of the most SPECTACULAR days we’ve had in a while.  The view was worth it!

IMG_5568 IMG_5565

I got to wear my newest knitted finished object, the Hitofude Cardigan.   IMG_5569

Sadly this was the best picture my husband got of it.  I’ll try and set up the tripod and take some better pictures of it soon!

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One Response to Fast Friday

  1. What a beautiful sweater – looking forward to seeing some better shots of it. Looks like lots of yarn overs!


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