We Are Now Finished with the Technical Difficulties.

Whew.  That was rough!

My poor laptop just returned from the doctor, alive and well!  Turns out 2011 Macs have a faulty video component, and mine decided to act up!  The poor thing would spontaneously shut down after showing me some funky screen.  Thank goodness there was a replacement program going on, or I’d have to have purchased a new computer!

I had been writing a post about my trip to Dublin when I had the computer shut down.  Let me see if I can re-write it!

Last Friday, I caught the train from Cork to Dublin.  This was the first time I’d taken a long trip on the train here in Ireland, and it was a comfortable experience.  The free wifi was slow, but that’s kind of to be expected.


About a third of the way through the journey, we encountered a rainbow!  I considered this a good omen!


After catching the Luas, I met up with my Mom and aunt!  Thankfully they indulged my desire for sushi–Cork has such a limited selection!  We visited Yamamori Sushi.  We ordered a bit too much!


After getting our rest for the night, we set out the next day.  We lucked out with gorgeous weather!


We walked to an awesome eatery called Queen of Tarts.  We had lunch and dessert there.

Here’s some of their selection:


I had the Queen’s Fudge Cake:


After that, we split up to do some shopping.  I wanted to find some things for the boys, and my Mom and Aunt went to go do one of the hop-on-hop-off busses.  I decided to bring home a treat for us for after dinner:


Macarons from Cocoa Atelier!  Yum!

The next day, we caught the train back to Cork.  We ate well in Dublin, and I can wholeheartedly recommend these restaurants!

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