Halloween Sewing

Wow, it’s been awhile!  I’ve been under the pressure of deadline sewing since the end of September, and I’m just about to get out of the cloud of it.

Let me show you what we did for Halloween!

Introducing Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi and Bowser!


Everything other than the boys’ shirts, my crown and amulet were made by me.

Princess Peach

I used the Simplicity 2813, a Disney themed pattern to make my Princess Peach dress.  The pattern is for Snow White and Cinderella’s dresses.  I used Cinderella’s dress, but changed the colors I used.

There was a pink sparkle organza for the sleeves and skirt poof:


and an ocean of pink satin for the dress.


Construction was pretty straightforward.  I did have to enlarge the pattern for my bust and waist measurements.

I ordered my tiara and amulet from Chompworks on Etsy.


They are 3D printed!  My costume turned out exactly as I pictured!

As for the boys’ costumes, I purchased a red shirt from Dunnes, and my mom had to find our Luigi green shirt in the US and send it to us.  I couldn’t find a green shirt to save my life!

Mario and Luigi

For the boys, I used the tutorial from the blog Smashed Peas and Carrots, here.

Using a pair of pants, I ended up drafting a pattern for the pants, and then sewed some bibs on the front and back to make overalls.


I found some buttons at Vibes and Scribes, and their overalls were complete after a few fittings!

For the hats, I used this tutorial from Instructables.  Much easier to make than I expected!


So cute!  I used one of our dinner plates for the pattern of the hat.


This was the most labor intensive costume of the group.

I started with being inspired by VisibleBlue’s costume she made for her 3 year old.

I started out making the bodysuit from Simpliticy’s 2853.  I used this to make my husband’s Cowardly Lion costume from Halloween 2013.  I made a few modifications–yellow color and white stomach with quilted lines. A lion tail wouldn’t work, so I also had to draft my own version of a dragon tail.  I drafted the tail so that the seam would run on the top and bottom of the tail, so I could insert spikes.  I drew out triangles, cut out in pairs,  sewed together and filled with batting to create the spikes.

I pinned them in place and sewed the seam of the tail and filled it with batting and sewed it into the seam of the back of the costume.

Once I finished the bodysuit, I added leather spiked ribbon to the collar edge and the wrist edges.

I used the hood pattern from Simplicity 2853 as a starting place for the Bowser head.  Once I made it out of green fleece, I added felt eyes, mohawk, mouth, horns, and teeth.


Then came the shell.  I followed the instructions from the VisibleBlue tutorial.

I drafted an oval out of cardboard, after measuring the edge of my husband’s neck to the top of the tail.  I believe it was about 21 inches.  I then made sure that the oval was 21 inches tall.

After creating my internal structure, I created the top of the shell.  After using my cardboard shell as a pattern to cut out my fabric, I then created the spikes.


I used a circle that was about 5 inches in diameter to draft the circles for the spikes, then cut them in half.  I then sewed the straight edges together.

After completing the spikes, I placed them on top of the shell and drew hexagons with chalk.  Once I had the outlines, I topstitched on the lines as best I could.


They aren’t perfect, but you don’t notice after the spike application.

There was a lot of handsewing in this project!  All 10 spikes were sewn by hand!  After sewing the spikes on the hand, I assembled the shell and applied the binding ring.


After finishing that, I sewed on the same spike ribbon so my husband could wear the shell like a backpack.


Doesn’t he look awesome!  The boys spent the night calling me Princess Mommy and my husband Bowser Daddy.  I think we were the only adults dressed out trick or treating with the boys.

I can report that the Trick or Treating scene in Ireland is very much alive, at least in Cork!  I’d heard that it wasn’t really a big deal here but we live in a housing development that has a ton of kids.


I couldn’t get the boys to wear their “proper” hats, but I think it worked!

Here they are taking a cupcake break!  One of our neighbors owns a cake business, and was giving out cupcakes.  We have already booked a cake for their birthday through her!



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3 Responses to Halloween Sewing

  1. Fantastic costumes! I really like the details on the Bowser costume.
    I also love Vibes and Scribes. I visited Cork recently and could have spent a fortune on buttons and fabric there!


  2. They are adorable and you and your husband look like you’re having as much fun as the kids.


  3. VisibleBlue says:

    Yay! Glad the tutorial was useful for you. The costumes look great!


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