More Quilty Projects!

I had a pretty chill birthday yesterday!  It was like any other day except that I got cake at the end of the day.

I leave tomorrow to go to the Spring Knitting and Stitching show in London.  Forecasts are calling for snow, so I’ll be able to wear some handknits!  I’m planning on taking a lot of photographs, so expect a report!

For now, I’ll catch you up on some more recent finishes.  Or, I should be more accurate and say half finishes, as a lot of them are quilt tops.

First up is a project I’ve been working on for the last year.  I’m on the committee of the Southern Branch of the Irish Patchwork Society, and I volunteered to head the Block of the Month Program!  In February, we debuted the finished quilt!

Here it was while I was basting:


I decided to free motion quilt it in a flower design:


Nathaniel wouldn’t let me take a photo of the finished quilt without him!


If you’re interested in the directions for each block of the quilt, and the assembly directions, check it out here.

After I finished that quilt, I started working on my Aviatrix Medallion quilt again.  I had gotten a few of the borders done before Halloween and Christmas sewing.  It was so much fun to pick this up again!  I also finished the top!


Looks like it’s the perfect size for this full sized bed.  One of the things on my shopping list for the Knitting and Stitching show is backing fabric and binding for this.

Since I finished this, I took out a quilt kit I got at the last Knitting and Stitching show, the Double Sawtooth goes Modern:


I’ve since sewn all these blocks together and it’s ready for a quilt back as well!

I’ve also been working on participating in the 2016 Modern Irish Bee.

This year we’re doing a round robin style bee, and I made this block:


I was inspired by a block I found via Pinterest here.

I received Annette’s block and started auditioning fabric:


And came up with this:


I kept things a little more on the simple side, as the original block was very busy.  I also left the block at 20 inches, so the next round will be easier to add another border of blocks.

Now, I’m working on a submission for the Irish Patchwork Society National Exhibition.  The theme is “Evolution.”  I love working with color, so I started with purchasing  a skinny strips bundle in the classic palette.  I then sewed them into groups of 4.


All that color makes me so happy!

Then, I cut them into triangles:


and now am making blocks out of them:


This is my own design again, and I’m really excited in how it’s coming out!

I think I’ve caught you up with all that I’ve been sewing on!  On to London!

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One Response to More Quilty Projects!

  1. Helen says:

    Lots to say Erin . Happy birthday . I love both your medallions , the finished super quilt and the new beginnings . And have a great time in London .


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