National Exhibition Progress

You may remember this from the last post:

IMG_7185It was my layout for the quilt I plan on entering for the National Exhibition.  The theme is “Evolution”

I used some extra blocks for practicing.  I’ve been watching my Craftsy Class, Wild Quilting and was inspired to try combining quilting designs.  Sadly, I didn’t have enough negative space to feel comfortable with my scale, so I decided to ultimately change my free motion design to a branching spiral.


FMQ practice

I think it looks quite lovely:


In the diamonds, I had a bit of a conundrum on what to use for my quilting thread.  I didn’t want to have to change threads every half diamond, so I decided to use monofilament.  I also decided to keep the quilting simple, and just do some straight line quilting.


Everything was going fantastically!  I even had the quilt bound and everything!


Then I threw it in the washing machine…



Public service announcement.  Apparently the water soluable markers stain orange/red fabrics!  After crying over the quilt and attempting to scrub it out, I came up with a plan–to cut off two of the columns.  After I ripped off the binding.


RIP part of the quilt.  I’ve since rebound the entry, labelled, and sewn a hanging sleeve on it.  It’s all ready to go, it’s even in a custom bag made using the scraps from the project:


It’s been sent in, and is the first quilt that has arrived for the Exhibition!


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2 Responses to National Exhibition Progress

  1. Mama Makes says:

    That is gorgeous!


  2. The quilt is gorgeous even without the last two rows. I’m so hesitant to use marking pens for that very reason.


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