Home from Disneyland Paris!


We’re back from Disneyland Paris!  Taking two toddlers to Disneyland is quite the undertaking, but we all survived!

We took an overnight Stena Line ferry from Ireland to France, and the boys did amazing sleeping in the bottom bunks!  I was a bit worried about them falling out, but they never got close to it!


The castle is a bit smaller than the one I’m used to (I grew up in Florida and have been to Walt Disney World many times) but it is beautiful!  They do a show called Disney Dreams when the park closes where they project images on the castle, and it’s amazing.  Malcolm really enjoyed watching it!  Nate wanted to leave 3/4 of the way through!


The boys loved riding Dumbo and the Orbitron–the rides that go around in a circle, and you can control it going up and down.  We got rained on a few times during our visit, and only got rained out one morning.


Walt Disney Studios has a Cars themed ride–if you know my boys, they LOVE Cars.  It was nice to let them “meet” Lightning McQueen, Mater, Luigi and Guido.  They had a ton of fun pointing out the things in the line–a Piston Cup, and posters of Doc, Sarge and Fillmore to name a few.


The boys did a great time walking around, and we used our single strollers for taking them from land to land.


Thankfully there were a few rides where we could all ride together, like Slinky Dog Zig Zag Spin.


Nate apparently wanted to ride with me on the Flying Carpet ride.  I was sitting out with Malcolm, because he didn’t want to ride.


I bought some glow sticks from home to entertain the boys while we waited for Disney Dreams to begin.  Much more affordable than buying the glow stuff from the park!


By the last day, the boys were exhausted and ready to go home.  We had a great time though!

Now that we’re home, I better get cracking on our Halloween costumes!  I haven’t started yet!!

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We Are Now Finished with the Technical Difficulties.

Whew.  That was rough!

My poor laptop just returned from the doctor, alive and well!  Turns out 2011 Macs have a faulty video component, and mine decided to act up!  The poor thing would spontaneously shut down after showing me some funky screen.  Thank goodness there was a replacement program going on, or I’d have to have purchased a new computer!

I had been writing a post about my trip to Dublin when I had the computer shut down.  Let me see if I can re-write it!

Last Friday, I caught the train from Cork to Dublin.  This was the first time I’d taken a long trip on the train here in Ireland, and it was a comfortable experience.  The free wifi was slow, but that’s kind of to be expected.


About a third of the way through the journey, we encountered a rainbow!  I considered this a good omen!


After catching the Luas, I met up with my Mom and aunt!  Thankfully they indulged my desire for sushi–Cork has such a limited selection!  We visited Yamamori Sushi.  We ordered a bit too much!


After getting our rest for the night, we set out the next day.  We lucked out with gorgeous weather!


We walked to an awesome eatery called Queen of Tarts.  We had lunch and dessert there.

Here’s some of their selection:


I had the Queen’s Fudge Cake:


After that, we split up to do some shopping.  I wanted to find some things for the boys, and my Mom and Aunt went to go do one of the hop-on-hop-off busses.  I decided to bring home a treat for us for after dinner:


Macarons from Cocoa Atelier!  Yum!

The next day, we caught the train back to Cork.  We ate well in Dublin, and I can wholeheartedly recommend these restaurants!

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More Christmas Sewing

In order to have my Christmas sewing done in time, I’ve been working on it bit by bit over the summer.  I did some pillowcases for my boys and brother.  (You can see my brother’s here.)


I’m working on my Mom’s Christmas gift now.  I was inspired by Sewvivor Season 3, specifically the bag challenge.  Amy from Sew in Love Quilting made an amazing Weekender Bag by Amy Butler.  I KNEW this project would be perfect for my mom.  I also used the Moda Bake Shop tutorial that Amy linked as well.

After summoning up the courage, I loaded up my iron with water and got to steaming my squares into submission.  After steaming, you sew them together at the fold lines.  There’s a lot of back stitching involved!


After sewing two panels of 18 folded squares, I sorted my charm squares into two color groups based on the dominant colors.  There’s a red pile, and a green/blue pile.  I used the blue/green squares inside the folded units.  To keep these charm squares in line, you top stitch them down.  I found that using a zipper foot helped A LOT at this stage, due to bulk.  I’m using a charm pack of Riley Blake’s La Vie Boheme line.


During the boys’ last naptime, I started stitching the cathedral windows open.  I seriously amazed myself at how amazing this looked.  I’m in love already!  During that one naptime, I managed to get the main windows complete on one panel.  I still have the edges to go and the second panel.  My main tip for this part of the project is to go S-L-O-W!


I’m already hoping to make one of these bags for me in the new year!

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Quilting Goodies!

I’m back into the swing of sewing, and it feels GREAT!  After finishing the tote bag, I needed to include a “gift.”  I decided to sew a Goody Goody Binding Kit.  I found this project through the Fat Quarter Shop’s YouTube channel.  I pulled 6 fat quarters from my stash and got to work.

Outside cover is fabric from Cotton and Steel with some Kona Cotton solid fabric.


Inside of the binding kit:


I’m pleased with the result, and can’t wait to make one for myself!

We recently got the instructions for the August Bee blocks of the Modern Irish Bee.  I made these ‘photo’ blocks for Helen at Midget Gem Quilts.

The first block is sewing themed.  I found I only had this fabric that could be easily fussy cut!  It’s the retro sewing machines print from Timeless Treasures.


Helen said she enjoyed gardening and flowers, so I made a garden themed block.


Can’t wait for our September block instructions!

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Modern Quilters Ireland Summer Swap

Earlier this summer, I received an email from the Modern Quilters Ireland leaders about participating in a Summer Swap.  I’ve only been a member for a year, and this was my first chance to participate.

After receiving my partner, I decided to make Noodlehead’s Poolside Tote pattern.


The pattern doesn’t call for any sort of patchwork, but considering this is a quilting group, I decided to add some patchwork to the pocket.

I downloaded Piece By Number’s Circle of Geese paper pieced pattern and used our scanner/copier/printer to shrink it down 50% so I could end up with a finished 6″ block.



I love my rainbows, so I created what I like to call a color wheeled Circle of Geese.

Using the measurements provided, I added the background fabric to make the pocket panel.


Preview of the finished bag:


Today I finished the bag!  I’m really pleased with how it turned out!  I’m going to have a hard time giving it to my partner!


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Fast Friday

Apologies for the blog silence!  We’ve had two separate groups of house guests visiting and you can imagine how it is to get ready for them!    So I’ve got a Fast Friday post for you.  Regular blogging should go back to normal next week once I’ve got my sewing studio back up and running.

We took our first set of house guests back to Old Head in Kinsale on one of the most SPECTACULAR days we’ve had in a while.  The view was worth it!

IMG_5568 IMG_5565

I got to wear my newest knitted finished object, the Hitofude Cardigan.   IMG_5569

Sadly this was the best picture my husband got of it.  I’ll try and set up the tripod and take some better pictures of it soon!

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A Good Day for a Picnic!

On Sunday, we were determined to get out of the house, despite the clouds looking threatening.  While I was doing the weekly trip to the grocery store, my husband suggested I get provisions for a picnic!

We tried to go to Farran Forest park, but upon arrival found that there was a rowing event going on.  So we went to the back up plan:  Kilcrea Friary!  We’ve explored the friary before and commented on how it’s a great spot for a picnic!

I tried to take a panorama of the view!  Moving boys are hard to take a photo of in a panorama.


Bonus wheat growing in the farm next to the Friary!  We brought along the Belle Wave Quilt to picnic on.


I don’t want to blog without talking about what I’m working on sewing-wise now!  I’m currently marking all the cut pieces for this dress:


McCalls M6696, View B.  Fabric is a print from Cotton and Steel‘s Moonlit collection by Rashida Coleman-Hale. 

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